Well Woman Checks For Optimum Health

Stay healthy and learn about the best ways to take care of yourself and protect yourself from poor health and the early onset of degenerative disorders.  Regular Well Woman Check ups are an essential part of your Health Management Regimen and our 

comprehensive tests and checks will highlight potential problems and allow us to recommend the right care pathway to keep you

in optimum condition.

Your check up will include the following:-

  • Discussion on your lifestyle including diet, exercise, weight, smoking, contraception and family medical history

  • Blood pressure test

  • Weight check

  • Urine analysis to test for basic urinary abnormalities

  • Cholesterol blood test

  • Breast examination & breast awareness advice

  • Cervical smear test using liquid cytology – the most up to date and accuate cervical screening technology

  • Time for your questions

When you book your check and you decide that you would like a cervical smear, please arrange your appointment so you are mid cycle with your period, at least 10-16 days from your last period and please refrain from sexual intercourse for 72 hours prior to your visit with us.

If you would also  like a lipid profile, which is a far more in-depth cholesterol check, then this can also be arranged for you, but be advised that  you will need to fast for at least 12 hours prior to your appointment, drinking only water.  Accordingly, you may wish to have a morning appointment.

A lipid profile is for Patients with raised cholesterol levels and who require a detailed breakdown of the levels in the blood such as LDL and HDL. The test will pinpoint all irregularities and allow your Nurse to work with you and design the optimum care pathway. 

Clients can opt for basic check ups, or more comprehensive diagnostics which can include the following :-

  • Bone Density

  • DNA - Age & Nutrition

  • Ct Scan

  • MRI