Immediate and effective relief from issues related to vaginal laxity and the ravages of time and childbirth including :-

  • Looseness

  • Incontinence

  • Dryness

  • Soreness

  • Sexual Dysfunction

A combined modality non surgical treatment that instantly tightens and restores vaginal health, leading to better function and  heightened sexual gratification.

BodySculpting transforms your figure and gives you back that "Wow" you may have lost over time.

Our Vaser and fat grafting Practitioners are amongst the best in the world and see the application of this treatment as an art, with you being the canvass.

With BodySculpting from Genesis you can:-

  • Regain a slimmer figure

  • Have natural looking bigger breasts

  • Reshape that bum & thighs

  • Get an "Hourglass Figure"

  • Find that hidden Sixpack

  • Add natural volume to your face

Vaser & BodySculpting

Medical Anti Ageing

Our pioneering DNA & Stem Cell regenerative facelifts progressively restore youthful skin and blend advanced skincare matched to your genetic and biological needs.

We harvest, process and concentrate your very own stem cells with blood plasma to create a potent age defying fusion serum.

Te result is a more youthful and natural appearance as old skin is replaced by younger and more vigorous cells, leaving you with a fresh and more youthful appearance.