StemLight A-Digital Stem Cell & PRP Photo activation system


Stemlight A-Digital offers an aseptic environment for :-

1. Photoactivation of Stem Cells

2. Photoactivation of PRP

StemLight A-Digital Stem Cell & PRP Bio Photoactivation system.

One of the most important aspects of Stem Cell therapies and treatments is the activation of the Stem Cells prior to transplant into the Patient.

Cells that are inactive can break down in number and cause discomfort whilst activating naturally over the following 24-48 hours after introduction.

Studies have shown that Patients with knee injuries who are injected with Stem Cells and PRP do experience pain if these cells have not first been activated. Further research demonstrates that photoactivation of PRP reduces pain significantly, reduces the period of time the pain expereincved and accelerates healing.

Activation is triggered using specific wavelengths of monochromatic light. Stemlight now comes with 3 wavelengths as standard. As such, Stemlight is the perfect alternative the Adilight in terms of price, more port options, digital control options and removable autoclaveable pirex tubes for ease of cleaning and preventing cross contamination.

Most important is port temperature regulation. Without this vital feature, isolates can degenerate and you lose volume. By regulating temperate and keeping the tubes as close to body temperature as possible, you mitigate potential loss and keep the concentrations you started with, increasing efficacy when tcells are reintroduced.

Photoactivation stimulates platelets in the isolates to release IL-1RA which is a member of the Interleujin Cytokine family, and beta- endorphins, which is an endrogenous opiod neuropeptide. Photoactivation of stromal vascular fraction results in the mesenchymal stem cells it contains being activated out of the resting state and as such are ready to differentiate when transplanted.

StemLight A-Digital has been designed to be flexible, safe and easy to use, whilst being low cost, and as such is perfect for Labs, clinics, schools etc. StemLight A-Digital has a number of features that set it aside from other stem cell photo activating systems, most noteworthy are :-

  • Fully Automated - Insert syringe containing isolate and just press & go

  • The worlds only multiport Port expandable system

  • Fluids are maintained at body temperature whilst being irradiated

  • Port selection or isolation according to needs (Expanded system)

  • 3 Wavelengths as standard

  • A low cost high quality Alternative to Adilight 2

  • Removeable autoclaveable pyrex tubes to prevent cross contamination

  • Programmable timer

  • Maintenance free (2 year swap for new warranty)

What is most attractive about StemLight A-Digital is the price tag, which makes is an easy choice for budget concious Labs or clinics tired of the high cost of less flexible equipment.

Having multiple ports is a definite bonus as it can be restrictive if only one port is available and can have a detrimental effect on treatments or experiments if you have to wait between irradiating islotates.




Model               Ports                  Price

SL-2P                 2                      £1,500

SL-4P                 4                      £2,500

SL-6P                 6                      £3,500

SL-8P                 8                      £4,500

SL-12P              12                     £5,500




Models SL-4P upwards are equipped with port selectors which allows the operator to isolate or select the ports required. Ports are selected in pairs.

Equipment prices in this market are characteristically high, and StemLight A-Digital comes to market at the perfect time, with demand for therapies and treatments using autologous isolates moving in a ever increasing upward trajectory.


Push start - countdown auto cut off

Digital Timer Option - countdown display & auto cut off

Tehnical Details


Digital countdown timer with adjustable timer.


38 degrees autocooling fan - regulated 33-37 degrees


Red - 650nm

Yellow - 600nm

Green - 550nm

Variance >2.5%


Push on

Stand by

Annunciator LED

Power supply 

110v or 240v


Autoclaveable syrine holders included. 1 per port.

Regulatory Approvals




Operating temperatures: 4C - 41C (39.2F to 105.8F)

Storage temperatures: -25C - 70C (13F to 159F)

Pollution dergee 2.

Humidity 5% to maximum 81% non cond.

Indoor & outdoor use (dry conditions)


  • Aluminium Case - Lockable L440mm x W310mm x H120mm

Warranty - 2 year new replacement