We decouple harvesting & processing of stem cells from the lab, untethering research and treatments for quick deployment anywhere

More than 60 diseases can be treated with stem cells

Stem Cell Treatments Are Safe

Stem Cell Therapy and treatments are non surgical, minimally invasive and as such are safe.  All procedures have been carried out many times by some of the world's most experienced and qualified Clinicians.  Whilst you may consider Stem Cell Treatments as new, these procedures have been practiced and refined over many years.

Its time to stop injecting your face with poisons and chemicals and start looking naturally young


Regenerative Medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues from Stem Cells and platelet rich plasma to repair or replace tissue loss.  A natural application for this medicine is Age Management and Longeity.  Stem cells are particulalry effective at halting and sometimes reversing degenerative symptons and illnesses assocaited with ageing.


This quickly emerging area of medicine is built on the foundations of Biologics, which loosely means the use of complex combinations of natural “own body” substances.  Our unique autologous process stimulates massive cell proliferation and influences optimal gene expression and a number of other potent growth actions in our specially formulated serum.


The Genesis Serum is a combination of cutting edge decentralised processes, technology and Biologics that culminate in the most powerful anti ageing serum of all time.  


This serum is then incorporated as an adjunctive component of our highly efficacious non surgical facelift to dramatically improve the results and leverages the power of nature to renew and regenerate your skin both topically and at sub dermal levels.