The Age Of Age Management

The Age Of Age Management

Perhaps you have everything you could wish for and now you want more time and better health. Annual Stem Cell infusion retreats are your pathway to age management.

Total Body Remodelling

Total Body Remodelling

Total body reconstruction from the inside out with intense Stem Cells treatments, Fat grafting, high quality dental implants, vaginal lift and skin tightening

Discreet Medical Concierge

Discreet Medical Concierge

Your own Personal Health Manager dedicated to ensuring a quality journey to good health

Your Own Clinical Care Manager

Dedicated to your health and well being

Our highly discreet VIP Signature Health Management Service for uHNW, Celeb and Private Clients provides you with your own named Clinical Care Manager who has instant access to our global network of advanced clinics.  Your Care Manager is always a Nurse and will handle your entire case, including all travel arrangements, ancillary services such as blood tests and X-rays, and is always on hand to ensure your entire experience exceeds your usually high expectations.


Age Management and medical tourism is quickly becoming an important aspect of our VIP clients lives and for good reason.  Our global footprint of advanced clinics gives you fast access to the worlds most advanced Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine.


Genesis Age Management and Body Treatments in the UK are provisioned at a private discreet clinic in the Midlands.


This is our premium service and is tailored to HNW's, Celebrities, Family Offices and Health Management Services representing Private Clients.


 Allow us become your Medical Partner and harness all that DNA and Regenerative Medicine has to offer.

For those clients who have achieved their life's ambition and have reached the pinnacle of success and prosperity it is natural to turn your attention to age management and addressing the degenerative symptoms associated with ageing.


Modern Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine holds the answer with an array of treatments designed to reverse the visible, and invisible signs of getting older.  We cannot stop the march of time, but we can make your autumn and winter years comfortable by giving you back some of your youth and vigour whilst slowing down the onset of age related illnesses. 

Recover lost vigour and vitality

Complete Body Couture Service 

A total body rejuvenation program using the most advanced processes in the world

Our more discerning clients can enjoy our complete top to toe body Couture Service which includes any combination of the following :-


1.  Genesis Stem Cell Facelifts for a new youthful appearance to face and neck.

2.  Genesis Stem Cell Intense Infusion Therapy floods your system with 2-300 million highly active potent stem cells to rejuvenate from the inside out.

3.  Genesis Body Couture, a combined approach to lax skin, stretch marks and pigmentation.

4.  Genesis Body Sculpt is a high impact body sculpting treatment using your own fat to gain the size and shape you want.  Get your young body back.

6.  Nu-V ,  a revolutionary multi modality vaginal remodeling and tightening treatment that is instant and improves sexual health.

Get in touch and let us know how we can be of service to you.

Available in select locations subject to legal compliance.  Treatments not

available in USA but consultations and Medical Tourism service is with a UK Nurse.

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