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This Patient came to us with incontinence issues and found that a happy side effect of having the

Nu-V treatment was a vast improvement to her sex life.  This is very common as Nu-V rejuvenates the tissue inside the Vagina, leading to the kind of moistness women experience in their youth.  As well as this, the tightening of the tissue leads to better sensation for booth partners and increased bloodflow the the clitoris region increases orgasm intensity.

Angela from Leicester presented with incontinence issues having had 3 children.  After her Nu-V treatment Angela experienced improved orgasm as well as relief from the bladder issues.

Nu-V described as the "15 minute vagina facelift", which seems to have caught on 

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Ex Model and mum 32 year old Nicole Francis feels 18 again after a huge boost to her sex life was experienced by herself and her partner following her Nu-V treatment

Wth over 2500 shares on Ladbible alone, the bookings for Nu-V soured as demand grows for

the only treatment of its kind to enhance a Women's sex life beyond expectations.  Celeb bookings grew too, but we cant talk about that.

Featured in the Express again, stating that Nu-V works wonders for your sex life.

Mum has a better sex life an no embarrassing leaks since having just one Nu-V treatment.