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  • A Tight, Youthful Vagina

  • Relief From Stress Incontinence

  • Moisture Restoration

  • Enhanced Sexual Satisfaction

  • Both internal & external rejuventation


"Incredible result, wish I knew about this years ago"

I came across this treatment on whatclinic because I was searching for help with incontinence having had 3 kids.  I did not know this treatment existed and just wish I had found it years ago.  The Nurse I dealt with was superb, very professional and made the whole experience very comfortable.  I did not feel any pain, the treatment was really quick and I was stunned by the result.  It is as good as advertised, and it is instant.  This should be available on the NHS and I don't understand why it isn't.  I recommend this to anyone with personal issues down there and it is well worth the500 quid I pad.


Quick  Safe  Effective

Emma Soos RN -  Managing Director

Nurse, Laser expert and Creator of Nu-V

Aly Dilks - Clinical Director

Midwife, Sexual Health Expert & Certified Nu-V Practitioner

The Nu-V Story

Nu-v, also known as the "Vagina Facelift" was developed as a Nurse led treatment by The Women's Clinic Managing Director, Senior Nurse and laser expert Emma Soos RN.  Emma experienced post partum issues herself and found the current services available to women experiencing issues derived from laxity and childbirth are not coherently addressed, so set about developing the treatment calling on years of experience using lasers and RF.


Understanding how these technologies interact with human tissue, Emma was able to create the Nu-V treatment protocol which for obvious reasons is an instant hit with women coming from all over the world to be treated.

Nu-V is under constant evaluation and development by Emma and her colleague Nurse Practitioner Aly Dilks who is also a Midwife and sexual health expert.  Between Emma, Aly, and their team of expert Nurses our female patients are in good hands and benefit from years of both clinical and personal experience.

All Nu-V treatments will be delivered by specially trained and certified Nurses.



Complete Instant  Internal & External Rejuvenation

Watch The Explainer Video

The effective, safe low cost non surgical option

Nu-V was developed as a effective and viable alternative to costly and potentially risky surgery, and just one treatment is can enough to give you a neat, tighter vagina. Book your Free Consultation today.


"Very useful and recommend the treatment."

I received an Excellent friendly professional and private service. Emma the lady who carried out the service was very informative prior treatment and very gentle during the treatment. She explained each stage in detail and made a great effort to constantly check with me that I was ok with the different stages.

It has made a great change in appearance and in tightening. I have more bladder control now than prior to the treatment. 

Definitely recommend it.


Treatment Comparison


This image is not a true representation of the outcome and should be viewed as a guide.  All women are

different and experience different results. Some women require 3 treatments.  Your Nurse will advise you.

Score                  2/10        5/10       10/10

Enhance your Sex Life

By restoring your vagina to its pre-baby or pre-menopause condition you will experience many benefits, not least an enhanced sexual experience.


Nu-V is perfect for women and their partners who find laxity issues impair sexual performance, confidence and sensitivity.


A tight, rejuvenated vagina regains moistness, firmness both inside and out and hightens pleasure for both partners.


Our unqique "Clitoral Sensitivity Enhancement" technique increases blood flow to this important area and makes the whole experience more fulfilling for you.


Nu-V is the only non surgical, non invasive treatment in the world to offer improved vaginal health with aesthetic and sexual improvement in one non invasive 15 minute treatment.


If you suffer from laxity, dryness, lack of sexual confidence then Nu-V is perfect for you, offering instant results that last and last.