Fast, Private Discreet Coil Fitting Service

Contraception is your private business and as such our coil fitting service is discreet and completely private, with only your Nurse knowing why you are visiting us.  We provide the fitting of IUD's in a safe, private and luxurious environment by specially trained and certified Nurses who can talk you through your options and help you to decide which product is most suitable for you.

Mirena® (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system) is a hormone-releasing system placed in your uterus to prevent pregnancy for as long as you want for up to 5 years. Mirena also treats heavy periods in women who choose intrauterine contraception.

Our specialist Nurses will guide you and inform you as to the benefits and risks associated with this coil, and check whether or not this is a suitable device for you.

Mirena is effective :-


  • As an effective long-acting and reversible method of contraception for up to 5 years


  • For reducing menstrual blood flow, if you suffer from heavy periods (heavy menstrual bleeding)


  • If you are going through the menopause Mirena® can be used in conjunction with an oestrogen as part of a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) regimen to protect the lining of your womb

Coil IUD (Intrauterine device)

An IUD is a small plastic and copper device which is fitted into your uterus (womb). It has one to two threads at the end. These very thin and mostly unnoticeable threads hang through the opening at the entrance to your uterus (cervix) into the top part of your vagina.

There are a number of different types and sizes of IUD to suit most  women.  An IUD is able to remain in for  between 5 & 10 years, depending on the type used. For women aged 40 or older when the IUD is fitted, it can be left in place until you reach menopause. IUD's can only be fitted by a specially trained and certified trained doctor or nurse.   IUD's are sometimes called a coil.

Private Clients

A full concierge service is available to Private Clients and includes :-

  • Collection in a Limousine

  • Private entrance and greeting

  • Private consultation & treatment rooms

  • Return home