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Micro-MesoTransdermal Penetration System

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Mesotherapy Has Evolved

Derm-Fx is our electronic micro needle mechanism that opens more than 1.000 micro channels per second in the skin. These cutaneous micro channels or "micro trauma" areas create an innate response on the organism that helps repair the skin.

MICRO-MESO THERAPY is a treatment inspired by traditional mesotherapy. MICRO-MESO THERAPY replaces the old way of application of active ingredients. Microinjection is replaced by DERM-FX, our new electronic transdermal penetration, which is safer, faster and more effective than older methods of Meso or Rollers.


DERM-FX Micro-Meso is the most secure, hygienic, quick and effective transdermal penetration system of the market.  The system is a multimodality approach that combines the most effective and potent serums available with the proven efficacy of mirco needling.


DERM-FX Micro-Meso delivers the following benefits :-


  • Stimulates collagen and elastin growth and regeneration.

  • Has a fast firming and rejuvenating effect.

  • Improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

  • Improves skin wrinkles and fine expression lines.

  • Reduces pore size.

  • Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

  • Offers the only DNA prescription based serums in the world for personalised and accurate treatment..



Micro-MesoTransdermal Treatments

DNA Prescibed Formulas

Prescription only treatments formlulated  and delivered by Clinical Staff including Dr's and Nurses for the very best results.  Our team of clinicians have many years of medical aesthetic experience which gives you the asssurance and peace of mind that you are in very safe hands and "WOW" results are our primary focus.  Your skin and anti ageing regime is important, only trust it to medical professionals wo can offer prescription grade treatments.

Medical Grade Treatments




Anti Ageing

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Stretch Marks & Scars



Serums as personal as you

Our DNA prescription based Micro-Meso treatments are the most efficacious in the world because the serums and micronutrients are formulated based clever algorythms driven by your very own DNA.  This genetic approach tells us what you body needs, and what to avoid, the result being a perfectly balanced approach to anti ageing based on your own biological needs.


Your DNA is the most accurate predictive tool and the results are a gentle return to youthful looks