Genesis Serum

The "God Particle" of

Regenerative Medicine

The age of Regenerative Medicine has arrived
Advanced technologies, combined modalities and proprietory processes herald a new promising era of Regenerative Medicine with possibilities limited only by imagination
A potent serum of your very own concentrated adult stem cells and PRP activated and engineered to leverage the creative power of life itself.
The "God Particle" of Anti Ageing

Introducing "Genesis Serum"

New single use "minilab" harvesting & processing technology 
Our low cost fast 15 minute processing technology empowers clinicians and delivers 20m+ photoactivated stems cells harvested from your own fat and ready to go to work building new tissue.  Pateints, Physicians and Academics are now able to embrace new opportunities that old medicine simply does not offer.

1000's of potential applications

Genesis Serum is as versatile as it is potent.  As a stand alone treatment the applications are vast.  As part of a combined modality approach to anti ageing,  Genesis Serum's potential is virtually endless.


Genesis Serum is light years ahead of it's time.  By combining your bodies most potent regenerative capbailities and concentrating them into this special medium, we harness the very essence of nature's ability to heal you and generate brand new tissue.


Surgery can become less invasive, outcomes are enhanced.





Our leading edge decentralised processes allow us to painlessly harvest, isolate and process adult mesenchymal (not embryonic) stems cells directly from your body tissue.  This "autologous" process takes place in a safe and aseptic minilab environment.  Our optimised cell preparation protocols enliven, activate and concentrate your stem cells cells to their optimum potential before introduction to the tissue site.


Stem Cell technology has evolved in quantum leaps in the last 5 years and we can now precondition cells in vitro prior to reintroducing them into your body in a highly proliferate, potent and active state,  It's like throwing millions on nano sized builders with your DNA blueprint at your tissue.


These particular stem cells are highly charged and and have the ability to differentiate into specific new tissue around the area applied.  This means that they literally become new skin or sub dermal tissue in their native young and healthy state.  


We have 3 modes of introduction depending on the treatment type which are.

1.  Topical.

2.  Sub dermal

3.  Intra venous 


The Genesis Serum incorporates both Stem Cells and PRP (Platelet rich Plasma) which is specially formulated using proprietary methods to create a medium that is rich in the ability to regenerate using natures most powerful cells, compounds and processes.


Our proprietary Stem Cell activation process then increases the potency of this serum many times and results in an “elixir vitae”, which when applied, immediately finds its way to the exact point of need and literally rebuilds your facial tissue from the inside out.


The key to the success of the process of accurate differentiation is the biological signalling that is programmed into the Genesis Serum as part of the formulation and activation procedure.


Within this remarkable serum lies the genesis effect ready and waiting to apply the magical properties of nature without the need for surgery, toxins and man made fillers.



The Power Of Creation

as part of your anti ageing pathway


The adult stem cells we harvest and process are called “progenitor” cells. These cells remain dormant (do nothing) until the body signals injury.  The body's signalling of injury activates these cells which travel to the point of the problem and stimulate the healing process, replacing and rebuilding the injured or damaged tissue with new native tissue.



A small amount of fat is extracted under local anaesthetic, you won't feel any pain.  We then take a small amount of blood and process these fluids under aseptic closed environment conditions to extract the exact cells and growth factors required.


The resulting suspension is then further processed to  formulate and stimulate the regenerative properties of the serum to maximise the potency before application.


The application of the Genesis Serum is an adjunctive component of the "iGen RF Facliftt".  This enhanced procedure then becomes the "Genesis Facelift"  



Similar single modality treatments have been shown to last for 3-4 years.  We expect our multi modality processes to last at least a similar length of time.  This is because the cells that are transplanted from old into new native young and healthy cells that are not ravaged by time or environment.



The treatment or modality is mostly administered by a Nurse.  A specialist Nurse or Doctor intervenes to aspirate the fat which is then processed into the Genesis Serum. The Clinician will prescribe a local anaesthetic to ensure no pain is felt whilst the quick fat extraction procedure takes place.  We take 50-75 ml of fat, also known as "Lipo Aspirate",


The Genesis Serum is then applied by the Nurse or Dr.  



We have a number of specialist partner clinics across the UK with new sites opening all the time. Click on the button below to find your nearest clinic.


We will be opening clinics across the EU and Asia soon.  Go to our clinics page to see if there is a clinic near you and if not, leave an enquiry and as soon as we open near you, we let you know.  

It's like having 20 million Nano-Bots rebuild your face

Restore the appearance of youth with your body's own very powerful regenerative capabilities.  Your DNA is the road map, our technology is the mechanics and your Stem cells are the building material of new healthy tissue.



Our decentralised extraction and prep technology makes the most potent medicine available in an instant and at low cost.  Adding your very own life giving cells to our treatments enhances the results beyond any man made potion.  


Adult (Non Embryonic) Mesenchymal Stem Cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to replace aged, damaged or dying cells with new cells. 


These special cells seek out areas of injury and destruction and are capable of regenerating into healthy cells and enabling a person’s natural healing processes to be substantially accelerated.  There are no complications or side effects as this is your own body tissue.  


Contrary to some stem cell based treatment marketing, your stem cells are impacted by age.  Mitochondrial respiration becomes dysfunctional with age leading to reduced potency and effectiveness of your stems cells which is partly characterised by the signs of ageing.  Our combined proprietary process includes creating an environment for stem cells to express in their optimum native condition.  This is achieved at micro nutrient level to address age related defects and somatic mutation that takes place as we age.  We inhibit age related mtDNA expression by literally reprogramming the DNA to express in its native state at the optimum point in the treatment.


We provide specially engineered peptides that increase telomerase activity by a factor of three, along with IV nutrient boosts to create an bodily environment of ultra wellness. 


"Its time to stop injecting poisons in your face and get young naturally using the power of creation itself"


The peak point of the bioavailability of these essential micronutrients is an important element of this treatment as it prevents the expression of ageing phenotypes and encourages native state fibroblast activity and optimum state stem cell differentiation.  In other words, there is little point in introducing stem cells that differentiate and express at your current  chronological state.  Yes, they create new cells, but if you are 60 they will create new 60 yr old cells.  Only our process provides the conditions a younger expression age after cell division and differentiation.


Our advanced process decouples obsolete diagnosis, treatments, processes and products from your skin health ecosphere and replaces them with pure molecular and cellular science.


Stems cells are the ultimate biological building blocks of the universe and contain within them the ability to regenerate and do remarkable things.  All medicine is moving toward regenerative processes and we are at the leading edge of this paradigm shift with your skin in mind right now, welcome to the future of Anti Ageing.

Genesis Serum puts an end to the need for injecting toxins and fillers into your face or going under the knife.

It's time to stop rubbing useless creams on your face