Our leading edge decentralised processes allow us to painlessly harvest, isolate and process adult mesenchymal (not embryonic) stems cells directly from your body tissue.  This "autologous" process takes place in a safe and aseptic minilab environment.  Our optimised cell preparation protocols enliven, activate and concentrate your stem cells cells to their optimum potential before introduction to the tissue site.


Stem Cell technology has evolved in quantum leaps in the last 5 years and we can now precondition cells in vitro prior to reintroducing them into your body in a highly proliferate, potent and active state,  It's like throwing millions on nano sized builders with your DNA blueprint at your tissue.


These particular stem cells are highly charged and and have the ability to differentiate into specific new tissue around the area applied.  This means that they literally become new skin or sub dermal tissue in their native young and healthy state.  


We have 3 modes of introduction depending on the treatment type which are.

1.  Topical.

2.  Sub dermal

3.  Intra venous 


The Genesis Serum incorporates both Stem Cells and PRP (Platelet rich Plasma) which is specially formulated using proprietary methods to create a medium that is rich in the ability to regenerate using natures most powerful cells, compounds and processes.


Our proprietary Stem Cell activation process then increases the potency of this serum many times and results in an “elixir vitae”, which when applied, immediately finds its way to the exact point of need and literally rebuilds your facial tissue from the inside out.


The key to the success of the process of accurate differentiation is the biological signalling that is programmed into the Genesis Serum as part of the formulation and activation procedure.


Within this remarkable serum lies the genesis effect ready and waiting to apply the magical properties of nature without the need for surgery, toxins and man made fillers.