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Population based "One Size Fits All" model

Patient centric, preventative & personalised

Discrepant visual symptoms drive action

DNA profile creates tailored care pathway

Population evidence based

Genetic activity precision model

Broad spectrum of treatments limit efficacy

Accurate prescription enhances efficacy

Low therapeutic achievement rates

High efficacy predictable outcomes

Locked inside your dna is the secret to why you are ageing - we have the key


Unlocking the secrets of your own DNA allows us to create a personalised anti ageing care pathway that is as unqiue as you.

Introducing our evolutionary new product, DNA-Rx, a fully personalised  age diagnositic and prescription service that highlights the causality of your personal ageing factors and prescribes the best way to arrest the process of senescence - The science of getting old

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personalised anti ageing driven by your own genetic code


 the most accurate diagnosis in the world

The days of "one size fits all" skin care are over.  You can now benefit from a fully personalised skin care regime designed to match your own biological needs.


A "You" branded skin care product individually formulated from your DNA

prescription and so highly personal that it will only work for you.


It's time to stop rubbing useless creams on your face unlock the secrets your DNA holds.  

Most skin care products are only partially effective at best

DNA Prescribed skin care is 100% effective 100% of the time

DNA Presciption

Discover what is causing you to age and how to arrest the process with a personalised skin care and treatment prescription that will result in a more youthful and natrually invigorated appearance fully optimised to your genetic requirements.

DNA-Rx  1

DNA Presciption

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The DNA-Rx Prescription 3​ NUTRIGENOMIC DNA TEST checks around 15 different genes and specifically searches for gene variations related to how food is processes by the body, how sensitive the body is to things like caffeine and also how well/poorly your body reacts to build up muscle with exercise, etc. 


Altogether, these results help a client in two things, one is to have a better/healthier diet ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN GENES and second, WHAT EXERCISE REGIME/METHOD YOU NEED TO MAXIMIZE WEIGHT CONTROL AND MUSCLE GROWTH. 


For example, if a person metabolizes fat poorly and you insist on eliminate all fat from his/her diet, this will not be of great help to lose weight since this person should focus on SUGARS. 


Also, if a person has a poor genetic profile to grow muscle with intense exercise, he/she needs a method enhancing short series but more repetitive, etc.​


This test is the most effective means of understanding what exercise, nutrients, micronutrients and topical applications will suit you at a molecular level.  


This is the perfect Anti ageing prescription for optimal health both inside and out.


DNA Presciption

This more advanced prescription actually measures and reports your telomere length, leading to an enhanced prescription featuring advanced products that actually increase Telomerase activity and arrest senescence at a cellular level. Each product and treatment is fine tuned to reverse the symptoms of ageing.


The DNA-Rx Prescription 2 Telomere test measures telomere lenght. Telomeres are DNA structures located at the end of chromosomes. They are a true "molecular clock" because when we age they become shorter and shorter; once passed a limit of "shortness" cells understand they are old and enter into a natural process called senescence, so they die. 


This is of particular importance in stem cells active in renewing different tissues, like skin. When we are young, telomeres are maintained length by the telomerase complex (a protein-RNA complex) but telomerase activity decreases more and more with age, this being the reason why telomeres are shorter and shorter as we age. 


This DNA screening test is a very simple to do, very fast, and non- invasive method, making itthe easiest method for testing telomere length available in the market right now.  We use buccal swabs for the collection of cheek epithelial cells and after receiving the swab in our lab, DNA is extracted.  Buccal swabs are convenient, as they are easy to handle and the cost is very low. Buccal sampling offers a viable and easy alternative to blood collection in terms of DNA extraction. The DNA telomere length (TL) is analyzed through a quantitative Real Time PCR method we have adapted to a skin care context, that determines the ratio of telomere (T) repeat copy number to single-copy (S) gene (36B4) copy number (called T/S ratio) in experimental samples as compared with a reference DNA sample. We choose this technique because it is a reproducible, rapid and inexpensive method and it allows us to screen several samples at the same time, and to use a small amount of DNA. This methodology is optimized for the telomere length measurement in buccal cells. 


Order you dna-rx kit online today

Order you dna-rx kit online today

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