About Our Clinics 

Clinic Locations
London - Canary Wharf


Our Registered Office
Genesis Clinics Worldwide Plc
3 Warwick Road
E15 4JZ
Tel: 0800 488 0909
Our clinics are a combination of wholly owned practices and independently owned facilities that partner with us to deliver our advanced treatments.  Our own facilities are a model of clinical excellence and staffed by highly trained and experienced Dr's and Nurses who put  Patient care on the top of the list of priorities.
We never engage in sales tactics and all new patients are given a free consultation with a Dr or Specialist Nurse to evaluate their needs before we offer treatments.  
You will always have a named Nurse as your care pathway co-ordinator.  Your Nurse will be with you all the way from initial consultation to follow up and after care.
Some treatments are only available in our clinics in outside of the UK and USA due to current UK legislation.  These treatments are safe and offered in properly regulated and clinically safe environments and administered by highly experienced Physicians.
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