Fast, Reliable Results

Many of our Patients require reassurance blood tests for peace of mind.  We offer a fast runaround service that includes tests for an array of indications and health issues and include the following.

  • blood count

  • iron levels

  • thyroid

  • liver function

  • hormone tests 

  • kidney

  • diabetes checks

  • cholesterol levels

We offer additional tests that are not always available on the NHS for trace elements such as :-

  • Cholesterol Levels

  • Blood Count

  • Iron Levels

  • Liver Function

  • Kidney

  • Hormone

  • Thyroid

  • Diabetes Checks

We also offer the benefit of a private and discreet service for a number of infectious diseases and STD's checks away from your usual GP or clinic in safe and luxurious surroundings.  Only your named Nurse will know why you are with us.  These tests include :-

  • HPV Screening

  • Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis B

  • Hepatitis C

  • HIV

  • Gonorrhoea

  • Chlamydia

A full concierge service is available to Private Clients and includes :-

  • Collection in a Limousine

  • Private entrance and greeting

  • Private consultation & treatment rooms

  • Return home