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Our decentralised harvesting and processing technology allows you to take your research projects out of the lab and lower costs by cutting down on process time, specialist skills and material costs.


Harvesting and processing 20m ADSC from AT is now just a 15 minute job that can be carried out with minimal training.



Become part of our global network of delivery partners and add next wave regenerative medicine to your menu of treatments.


Co-create new treatments with us and enjoy life long royalty payments each time one of your treatments is delivered across the globe.

Mutual Advantage Program

Be Part of future Medicine Now

Medicine is evolving rapidly and dramatically as advances in technology quickly outpace old methods and processes.  Our single use minilab allows us to extract, harvest and process ADSC in situ and as part of the treatment scenario.  This has huge implications for researchers and physicians who can now deliver advanced regenerative medicine without highly specialist skills, tissue handling licences and costly centralised labs & equipment.


There are a number of opportunities to engage with us as described below.  Our processing technologies are FDA cleared and CE Medical approved.

Clinic Owners - Apply Below


Become a delivery partner for our increasing range of advanced DNA and Stem Cell based treatments.  Offer clients more choice, better outcomes and position your business in readiness for the coming era of predictive, personalised regenerative medicine.



Protocol Development


Physicians are encouraged to  collaborate in the development and trial of new advanced treatments using our Genesis Serum, processes and technology, then earn life long royalties for every single treatment delivered anywhere in the world.

Concierge Medicine & Private Clients


A  tailored holistic approach to health management leveraging the  power of DNA profiling and total infusion therapy as a pathway to better health, vitality and longevity is one of our premium services offered to High Net Worth and Private Clients at a growing number of specialist partner clinics around the world.  Complete body remodelling including stem cell age reversal treatments, fat transfer & reshaping, and non surgical vaginal regeneration using our latest combined RF/Laser system and Genesis Serum.



Research & Development


Make us your home for R & D and benefit from our advanced harvesting and processing technology as well as other proprietary processes that reduce cost and speed up development time.  Join in our projects, add value and receive a life long royalty contract for commercialised products processes or treatments.



Youth Restored Naturally

Advanced Treatments - No Set Up Costs

Huge Revenue Potential

Differentiate & deliver enhanced outcomes, stop competing.



Become part of a growing delivery platform for advanced predictive (DNA) and regenerative (Stem Cell) medicine by engaging with us as one of our high value delivery partners.  We offer exclusive non competitive areas to suitable clinics.  Where you don't have your own Doctor, we can supply ours for a full days' list in your certified Minor Ops room.  Physicians can maximise revenue by full service delivery.  Training is free.


We are currently inviting applications from EU countries, UAE, Asia.


Delivery partners will have access to all of our current anti ageing treatments and will benefit from free access to all new treatments as they finish clinical trials. (where legally compliant)


Whilst there is no premium to join as a clinic partner there is a small investment required in training and equipment.  Training and set up compliance advice is provided.  Patients buy treatments directly from us and we deliver the equipment, revenue and patient to your clinic.  You are free to sell the treatments and benefit from higher revenue potential.


Join a growing network of special people redefining what is possible, advancing regenerative medicine at an exponential rate and being part of the change the world desperately needs.  


Suitable clinics are :-


Physicians & GP's with Minor ops facilities

Aesthetic clinics that are certified to perform minor ops


Other Partners might be:-


Academic institutions

Researchers and labs

Technology partners

Protocol development

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